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Games Programming - Bell-Fruit Games

Bell-Fruit Games - Bangers 'n' Cash
My work on the game (June 2007 - Oct 2007)

This game was written in C++ and uses OpenGL as the graphics API, GLSL for shader programming and OpenAL as the Audio API.

I was responsible for implementing the entire game. It was necessary to create a few vertex and fragment shaders in GLSL to produce some effects seen in the game; For the background fire effect, the environment mapped reels and the jackpot colour interpolation bloom effect. A basic particle system was also implemented for the rocket exhaust and explosions. 3DS models are used for the 3D reels and rockets.

The game was released on the Five-Gaming and Video-Eclipse gaming machines under Bell-Fruit's video-based 3G Gaming branding.

Click on the image on the right to play a flash-video of the game.

Note: This web based flash-video does not represent the quality of the final game, the actual game runs at a smooth high frame rate and at a resolution of 768x1024.
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