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C/C++, Visual Basic,
Direct X, OpenGL,
Web Programming,
Games Programming,
MS Windows, Linux,
PS2, PS3,
Xbox, Xbox 360


Here's some links to sites that i have found useful over the years, you may too...

Games Programming
  • Bell-Fruit Games - Where i worked on video-based gambling games.
  • Codemasters - Where i had great fun working on some cool video games!
  • Study the same course as me - Games Programming taught at Masters Degree level!
  • Gamasutra - Lots of information, regularly updated, about games programming!
  • Gamedev.net - Lots of information, tutorials, jobs!
  • IT Hare - Programming Guide For Video-Gamers
  • The Chaos Engine - Chat and discuss games related issues with the professionals!
  • Web Development
  • 4 Guys From Rolla - Great tutorials and examples for ASP web developers
  • SQL Server Central - Great source of SQL server information
  • Video Games
  • Game Rankings - View reviews of games from many sources in one place!
  • Computer & Video Games - UK based site with lots of video game information
  • Games Industry - Everything about the video games indsutry!
  • Game Spot - Popular U.S. based video games site
  • Music/Movies
  • Meta Critic - View reviews of movies, music and video games from many sources!
  • Ain't It Cool - American bloke who gets to review films before they're released
  • News
  • News Now - Search lots of news sources at once!

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