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C/C++, Visual Basic,
Direct X, OpenGL,
Web Programming,
Games Programming,
MS Windows, Linux,
PS2, PS3,
Xbox, Xbox 360

Games Programming - Codemasters -

These are reviews and previews of games i have worked on...

Brian Lara International Cricket 2007™

PC Format Magazine: March 2007
"Lara '07 is a satisfying game and should ease the pain of losing Test coverage to Sky"
"Fantastic presentation"
"Brian Lara plays a mean, attractive and thoroughly satisfying game of cricket, perfect for those sunny Sunday afternoons"
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Official Xbox 360 Magazine: March 2007 p88
"Mr Lara should be proud. This is a fun, narrow but deep, and endless game that rewards both single-player tournament play and multi-player action"
"[ MUST BUY ]"
"Knocked us for six and bowled us over"
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Official Xbox 360 Magazine: October 2006 p36-37
"Cricket so crickety-looking your eyes will shoot straight out your face..."
"...there's plenty of action here to really give Xbox 360-owning cricket fans a sticky wicket..."
"...with levels of realism so staggeringly authentic, you'll risk cranial burnout due to over stimulation of the optic nerve"
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LMA Manager 2007™

Official Xbox 360 Magazine: October 2006 p102-103
"Gloriously slick presentation"
"Enjoyably complex management"
"This represents a significant step up the league for console management sims and with Xbox Lives Stat updates and friend's managers downloads, you'll have a very busy season for your money"
"Deep management, the best LMA yet!"
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PC Format: October 2006 p94
"We enjoyed LMA 2007, the match engine is a big improvement"
"The commentary is unobtrusive and, worringly, makes more sense than its real-life equivalent"
"...the game looks better than its predecessor, whose menu, while certainly flashier than those found in the austere Football Manager interface, were still a bore..."
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PC Gamer: October 2006 p98
"Flawed, feeble football"
"...it promises much but ultimately lacks tactical flexibility compared to the best opposition"
"It's got Gary Lineker"
"LMA Manager 2007's metaphor is that it's a bit like Sven"
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